How long should I be on Suboxone?

Everyone's addiction story is different, and so is their Suboxone® therapy. Our medication-assisted treatment program is extremely personalized, so there is no set length of time for our clients to continue on Suboxone®. For some people, the drug is only required for a few months. Others require treatment for a year or longer. Once you begin to feel normal and balanced, our suboxone doctor will usually start lowering your Suboxone dose. In general, Suboxone can be used for long periods of time without causing too many bad side effects.

If you meet the following requirements, however, you should begin reducing your dosage:

You've reached the age of 30.

Your self-Confidence has increased.

Employment has grown more constant and stable.

Emotionally, a support system has been put in place for you.

Cravings have practically vanished.

Again as I said, there is no set schedule for stopping Suboxone because treatment and addiction are so personalized. Some people only need it for a few months, while others need it for a year or longer.

suboxone clinic near me
suboxone clinic near me